What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hello again! It’s been a while since I popped in. Sorry for my absence but things have been crazy around here lately. Let me back up and do a quick recap of the last few months.

Palm Springs Recap

In early May, I attended a conference in Palm Springs, CA to present my recent graduate studies. I was there for one week and unfortunately didn’t get many chances to explore. The first few days were extremely hot but there is no humidity which was nice. Due to the drought, water was scarce (huge bummer because I only drink water and milk) so I had my water bottle practically attached to my hip the entire time. As crazy as it sounds, it just so happens that the three days that it has rained there in the past three years were my last three days there. I wasn’t really surprised because rain pretty much follows me. Anyway, here is my trip in pictures. It’s mostly mountains because that is all that surrounds Palm Springs. 

View from my room
View from my room























June Recap

In June, we moved out of our apartment and into a house. Our entire month was filled with preparations for the move. It was a stressful move because it happened mid-week instead of on a weekend so we both had to take off work in order to get it done. I will share some pictures as we get settled. Even though we have been here a few weeks, we haven’t had time to unpack except on weekends.

July Recap

The first weekend of the month was the fourth of July so we headed to my grandparents house. We had the usual BBQ (burgers, ribs and hot dogs) with watermelon and homemade ice cream. We headed to the local park to hear some pickin’ and grinnin’ after lunch. Unfortunately, it was raining so we didn’t spend much time there before heading back. Then, around 8 we headed back to the park for the fireworks show which is always one of my favorite parts of the day.

The next few weekends were spent running errands and picking up things for the new house. We did manage to squeeze in a date night where we saw the new Minions movie and we both loved it.



This week my dad and brother both have a birthday so we are going to my grandparents house to celebrate. 

So that’s a very brief update of what’s been going on lately. I hope everyone’s summer is going great and you are staying cool!

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