Weekend Getaway

Last Thursday we loaded up and headed to the in-laws for a long weekend. We were both fortunate enough to get Thursday and Friday off so we could make the 6 hour drive to south Alabama for some family time. We left pretty early so that we could get there at a decent hour. Sirus was a little antsy at first because he wasn’t ready for the long drive (he is used to an hour drive). After an hour or so, he calmed down and just sat looking out the window. We stopped at a rest area half way there and he ran around and had his lunch. This was his first time at a rest area and I think there were just too many smells and sights for him to take in because he just didn’t want to eat or use the bathroom for a bit. After about half an hour we were on the road again (I can’t be the only one who sings that when they say/write it). We arrived around 3pm so we had some time to unwind before dinner. After dinner we watched TV for a bit before calling it a night. Traveling wears you out!

Friday morning before it got too hot, my man and I decided to go kayaking (his parents live right on the water so we can launch from their pier).


We went out for about 40 minutes before turning around and heading back.

After cooling off for a bit and having a snack, all four of us went out on the boat. We rode to Flipper’s Restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately I left my phone at home so I have no pictures. New blogger fail. I had the burger and fries and it was alright. I mostly liked the atmosphere of the place. My favorite part of the meal was at the end when the waitress brought out a free bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream for each of us to enjoy. Perfect for a hot day on the water!


After lunch we rode around admiring the beautiful water and saw quite a few porpoises out playing. This isn’t my picture but it is a pretty accurate depiction of what we saw.


After we got back to the house, we all took an afternoon nap because the heat takes a lot out of you. After our nap we started up the fryer and battered some shrimp and fresh crab claws.


It was ready in a flash and we had no trouble finishing off every last bite. As if we weren’t already stuffed enough, we decided to indulge in some homemade vanilla ice cream (because one time wasn’t enough).


Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short due to my husband receiving an email about a last minute retreat that he had to prepare a presentation for. So Saturday morning, we loaded up after breakfast and headed home. It was a short visit but we packed a lot of stuff into it!

Sirus slept the entire way home and we made it back in record time. Next time maybe we will have more time.

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