Labor Day Weekend

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great long weekend. We were fortunate enough to get Monday off so we took full advantage of the holiday weekend.

Friday and Saturday

Friday night we went to yoga and our favorite yoga teacher was subbing. It was a perfect way to start the weekend because it is a balance of strength and stretching that allows my restless body to actually settle down and sleep soundly. We also put together a new dog bed for Sirus. I think he likes it.

dog bed (2)dog bed (2)

Saturday was the usual Costco run for the necessities, but only after a last minute decision to eat at Cracker Barrel. It was a good decision. Their grilled tenderloins never disappoint. Once again, I forgot to snap a picture (I promise I will get better about this). The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning house.

Sunday and Monday

After church on Sunday we each ate a quick lunch out of things we had at home and then we loaded up Sirus and headed to my grandparents house. Once we got there Granny and I went over some baby shower details before everyone else arrived. We decided to watch Jungle 2 Jungle because somehow my husband had never seen it. It is a classic…if you consider things from the 90s classic (which I do). 


After the movie we had some roast with potatoes followed by some cake and ice cream.

Monday we had a small breakfast because we knew we were going to have an early lunch. My family tends to cook enough to feed an army because we don’t want anyone to be afraid of getting seconds or thirds (and honestly, everyone loves leftovers). So, we had 4 wracks of ribs, two pans of fried okra, a few boxes of mac n’ cheese, burgers and hot dogs. Yeah, talk about full.

After lunch, we decided to head home so that we could do a few things around the house before the weekend was over. 

Have a great afternoon!

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