My Post Baby Workout Plan

Now that I am clear to start exercising again, I can’t wait to add going to the gym back to my routine. Thankfully I was able to continue working out until the week I gave birth, but since I haven’t done much (anything really…) the past 7 weeks, I want to be smart about working out again and have a plan. Now that I have a baby, time is a major issue. Therefore, in order to maximize my time I want to set some workout goals and have a loose plan for getting back into shape.


1) I will do a lot of walking to begin with. Walking is a great workout in itself and it is very low impact. This is an excellent way for me to ease back into cardio without overdoing it. I am known to do back to back hard days at the gym and it is really hard for me to convince myself to go easy. While I was pregnant, it wasn’t about me anymore and I started to add walking sessions to my cardio as I got bigger. I learned quickly that walking is no joke! I had no trouble working up a sweat and getting in a high quality workout by walking. I plan to start adding at least one walking workout to my weekly plan. Below is one of the workouts that I did while pregnant and I plan on doing it again. Feel free to give it try and let me know what you think.

Walking workoutimage

2) Throughout my entire pregnancy I was able to attend two yoga classes per week. It kept me strong and energized even to the last week. Yoga is something I am very passionate about and have been doing for years. Unfortunately, the classes I take are pretty late at night and now with a new baby it will be very hard to attend. I am extremely picky when it comes to yoga instructors because I like a more challenging flow that is fast but smooth. I also enjoy the relaxation aspect of yoga, I just like to work for my savasana so it feels more rewarding. I do not want to abandon my practice so I will be going once a week while my husband watches the little one. I will be exploring online yoga videos as well. 

3) I hope to incorporate Gina’s Winter Shape Up into my routine. It is a great place to start in that she includes multiple body parts in one workout (huge bonus for saving time) and she provides modifications for certain exercises. I will not be able to start at the level I was at before because I lost a lot of muscle over the past year. That being said, I can loosely follow her weekly strength workouts and modify cardio and HIIT as needed.

4) As a side, I would really like to start training for a half marathon. As I mentioned in my post about my 2016 goals, I was in the midst of training when I got pregnant. I would really like to finish what I started. I will be starting over and I won’t be starting until I feel my body has fully recovered and is ready to work hard again. Once I decide on a specific training plan, I will share it on the blog and keep you updated on my progress.

So that is my plan so far. I am not anticipating this to be set in stone and I expect I will change my goals once I gauge where I am physically. No matter what, I just want to stay healthy and I truly enjoy exercising. I am extremely flexible when it comes to my workouts as long as they make me sweat.

Have a great Monday!


For those of you who have trained for a half marathon, what plan did you use if you used one?

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