Love Yourself and Our Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend whether or not you chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had a rather laid back weekend that was much needed after my first week back at work.


Friday night I went to my first yoga class since giving birth. I had no idea how much tension I had in my body! It was a challenging flow that kept me engaged the entire 60 minutes. The focus of the flow was on loving yourself (a special Valentine’s Day class). We were all given a piece of paper and a pen at the beginning of class that we were encouraged to write a word, phrase or quote on that was uplifting and/or loving to or about ourselves. I chose to write two loving sentences to myself that I ruminated on throughout the class. It was a nice reminder to go easy on myself and to stop being so negative towards myself. It was the perfect start to my weekend.

Saturday and Sunday

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day. We don’t even really celebrate it in our house. Usually we will go get some candy the day after while it is on sale. Other than that, we keep it low key with a simple card or a dinner together. Saturday morning, while my husband was outside, a package arrived. At first I thought it was something baby related because, let’s face it, every package we have received in the last few months has been for the baby. When I opened the door and saw the box, I was completely surprised to see a box of beautiful red roses from my husband.


Of course I had no idea because we normally don’t do anything so I had nothing for him. When I asked him what he wanted, he said he just wanted to watch Netflix and chill out on the couch. So, for our Valentine’s Day, we did just that! And, because we are unconventional, we decided to binge watch X-files all day long. 

X Files (source)

On Saturday, we made a delicious chicken noodle soup (recipe to come) that we had as leftovers Sunday so there was no cooking involved! 

It was the perfect weekend for this exhausted mama!

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