Returning To Work

Now that our little one has reached 8 weeks old (whaaaat!?) I am returning to work and she is off to daycare. I thought it would be a bad idea to go from two solid months of it being just the two of us all day to dropping her off for an entire day without me. Instead, I started back part time to ease my way into this new normal. I have to admit, it is really hard. I cried the first few days even though I knew I would see her in a few short hours. It is slowly but surely getting easier as each day passes. Next week will be my first week back full time. I am still working on getting a solid routine down. I thought I would share a glimpse into what my days are looking like lately.

5:30am – Wake up and nurse

5:45am – Get dressed and clean pumping bottles (I pump during the night too so I clean the stuff in the morning); Pack lunch while my husband dresses her and changes her diaper

6:30am – Nurse and eat breakfast while my husband pours the bottle for daycare

7:00am – Make sure everything is packed and leave to drop her off

7:15am – Drop her off

7:30am – Go to gym

8:30am – Pump

11:00am – Pump while eating lunch

12:15pm – Leave work to go pick her up

1:00pm – Nurse her at home; get household chores done; clean pumping stuff and store milk pumped that day

4:00pm – Go pick up husband from work

5:00pm – Nurse and bring up frozen milk to use for daycare the next day while my husband works on dinner

7:00pm – Nurse and start bedtime routine; prepare everything for the night (pumping stuff, her medicine, changing pad for nighttime changes, etc.)

9:00pm – Nurse and go to bed

We usually have about two night feeds which isn’t bad at all, though some nights are worse than others. Then, we get up and start over again.

So there you have it. That is what my days have been looking like since returning to work part time. Hopefully the next few weeks will get easier and we will settle into this routine more and more.


What does your daily routine look like currently?

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