Demetri’s and Donuts

This weekend was the first weekend we haven’t had any real plans since baby girl was born. It was amazing! We tried to take full advantage of not having any big plans but there were still a few errands that needed to happen this weekend.


We slept in as long as we could before the baby and dog decided it was time to get up (around 7). After breakfast we set out for our first errand of the day. One of my best friends is getting married soon and I needed to go get fitted for the bridesmaid dress. She is using a very charming local boutique that is surrounded by local restaurants and unique stores. I had heard from another friend that there was a delicious meat and three right across the street from the place I was being fitted so we had planned to go there. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were closed! Literally the only day they are closed. Since both of us were starving we had to change plans and quickly find somewhere else to eat. To stick with the theme of eating somewhere new, we decided to try a popular BBQ restaurant called Demetri’s. I opted for a classic pulled pork sandwich with mac n’ cheese. Nothing like comfort food every once in a while!


After lunch we made a quick trip to Costco for the essentials before taking the scenic route home just so we could make a special stop. I’m not ashamed to admit that we planned our trip around being able to stop and get donuts.


When I was little, my mom would take us to a local bakery and few times a month to get donuts for breakfast. I always got the donut holes. Once we moved away, I was never able to find a place that sold them and had just written it off as one of those childhood things that doesn’t exist anymore. Speaking of, if you haven’t seen THIS article, you should check it out (R.I.P Cheez Balls and welcome back chicken fries!). Anyway, after years of no donut holes and accepting Krispy Kreme as my only option, I was finally introduced to Shipley Donuts.


Not only do they have amazing donuts of all varieties, but they have donut holes! Every time we go there I have to get a bag of the little balls of sugary dough that remind me of my childhood.


Reunited and it feels so good!

When we arrived home, we did some chores around the house before settling in to watch an episode of Daredevil on Netflix. If you like superhero movies/shows at all, check this series out. It is a good one!


This Sunday was a big day for us. It was our first time carrying baby girl to church. From the second we stepped through the doors, everyone was oohing and ahhing over her. She was definitely not starved for attention, that’s for sure. I was a little nervous about what would happen in the hour and half we were there because sometimes just sitting in momma’s lap leaves her a little antsy and she becomes loud and wiggly. Not noisy in a bad way, just babbling and blowing bubbles. I was also nervous that she would get hungry towards the end and I wasn’t wearing the most breastfeeding-friendly dress. As it turns out, she fell asleep during the opening songs and stayed asleep the entire time! We were even able to stop and grab lunch on the way home. I would call that a success!

I am currently writing this post Sunday afternoon while watching my little angel sleep next to me. I don’t know what the rest of the day holds but I do know I plan on getting in as much rest as possible before dinner. Also, we will be catching up on the Walking Dead before the season finale!

Enjoy your Monday!


Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Anyone watching a show on Netflix they would recommend?

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