Game Night and Fifty Cookies

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours had a healthy mix of fun and relaxation!

We started our weekend fun on Friday night. After leaving work I chose to forego my usual Friday night yoga class so that we could continue our yearly tradition of attending the local Lebanese food festival. My husband and I had our first date a long time ago at a Greek festival. Neither one of us had any money back then (we were 15 at the time) and we had no idea how much Greek food cost. We ended up sharing a plate of Lamb and having a blast enjoying the music and the atmosphere. Ever since then, we have made it a mission to attend every food festival we can together, within reason of course. Last year we both had the opportunity to leave work for a lunch date. This year, things didn’t work out that way, but we were still able to pick up our favorite meals before heading to daycare and then home. Fun fact –> last time we were at this festival, I was pregnant!


We both opted for the meat pie plate this year because they are only available at this festival and the other options are available at other food festivals. Each plate included two meat pies, loobia (the green beans), rice and pita bread.


We also decided to get an order of grape leaves to share. These have a surprising amount of flavor and I always find myself wishing we had more.

Even though we didn’t get to enjoy the fun of the high-energy atmosphere, we did get to have a laid back and delicious dinner as a family of four, which was much needed after a long and busy week. The perfect way to start our weekend!


After a rough night (baby girl woke up every two hours to nurse) we spent the morning lounging around the house before setting out for a few errands. As soon as we arrived home, I went to work in the kitchen making a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies in preparation for a game night with friends on Sunday.

Goods in the bowl

My family has always been the kind to make enough food so that everyone can have thirds. Following family tradition, I made about 50 cookies.

A few of them didn’t make it to the container…my bad. They were delicious though. I think 45 cookies is more than enough for everyone!


After polishing off some of the above deliciousness, we had dinner. Ever since I moved out of my parents house I have used the excuse of being an adult to eat my dessert before my actual dinner. 


A few weeks back, we decided to buy an activity gym/bouncer for our little girl after hearing that she loved the one at daycare. It arrived in the mail the other day and I hadn’t gotten around to putting it together. I figured it was finally time to do it.


Unfortunately, she is still a little too small to use it so it will just be chillin’ in her room until she is big enough. 

After lunch we headed out to a friends house for game night. They had roast beef sandwiches and a few other finger foods to pair with the cookies I brought. 


After everyone had a chance to finish eating, we started playing Family Challenge.


I had never heard of it before but it turned out to be pretty fun. It is adaptable to both children and adults so we just chose the harder challenges on each card. 

We left around 6:15 because the little one was getting tired and fussy and we had a few things to do at home before going to bed. 

Have a great day!


How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?

What are some of your favorite board games?

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