Weights Workout and Meal Prep

Happy May! I can’t believe it’s already summer. This weekend flew by and was filled with cleaning, preparing for a busy week and meal prepping. We have a lot of stuff coming up this week like an interview luncheon, teacher appreciation week at daycare,  a Disturbed concert (yay!) and Mother’s Day. Although I am still in the thick of cleaning I wanted to stop in to share a few things about our weekend.


After work on Friday, my husband decided to go pick up little girl from daycare and head home to let the dog out so that I could enjoy a full workout before he came to pick me up. This was a huge deal for me because lately I have been super busy and haven’t had any time to myself. I also feel more energized and happier after having a quality workout. In an effort to utilize the equipment the gym has to offer that I don’t readily have available at home, I combined a few different exercises that use weights to create a full body weights workout. I completed the below workout and woke up Saturday feeling sore. I would call that a win!

Weights Workout

I am not a personal trainer so please consult your doctor before starting a new workout regimen. This is simply what I did and I wanted to share. Please honor your body and take breaks as needed. The links to each exercise are below.

Assisted pull ups

Wide grip lat pull downs

Tricep pulldown

Tricep (straight arm) push down


Squat to Overhead Press

Barbell Lunges

Weighted Glute Bridge

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls


After spending the morning cleaning up around the house, we headed out in the late morning for my husband to get a haircut. By the time he was finished we were both starving. We decided to go to Panera since it is a healthier option and it is close to the grocery store.


I chose the flatbread yet again (old picture) but this time I wanted to try the mac n cheese. I am a huge cheese fan and I could eat my weight in macaroni and cheese under normal circumstances. However, I have been almost completely dairy free for over three months now due to breastfeeding a reflux baby so my body is not used to handling it like it was. I made it through about half of the dish before throwing in the towel and giving the rest to the hubby to finish.

If you have never had Panera’s mac n cheese, the best way I can describe it is to say that it is intense. It is very creamy and less cheesy. It was delicious but both myself and the little one paid for my decision to eat half of it.

After lunch, we headed to the store for our weekly grocery shopping but we also picked up something special. A few weeks ago we spent a good three hours creating a photo book to give to our families and to have for ourselves. It was finally time to go pick them up and see how they turned out. I am by no means creative so it was a challenge for me to put something like this together. I have to say though, I am very proud of how they turned out. I will share the details after I have given them to the family.

The rest of our Saturday was filled with odds and ends around the house followed by watching an episode of the Walking Dead before heading to bed early.


Our Sunday was pretty uneventful other than meal prepping. On the menu for this week is:

Monday: Julie’s shrimp recipe from her Mimi with cheese grits

Tuesday: Sun dried tomato, basil and mushroom pasta with chicken

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Chicken Marsala

Friday: Leftovers

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great Monday!

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