What’s Your Flavor Soulmate?

Good morning! I’m really excited about today’s post because I get to talk about one of my favorite things…FOOD! Now that I am breastfeeding (which means I’m hungry all the time) I find myself wanting to reach for more nutritious and filling snacks to fuel both my body and my baby’s body. One of my favorite snacks that I find myself eating every single day is Greek Yogurt. I just can’t stop.


I have never been an adventurous person when it comes to my food/flavor choices. Though I typically gravitate toward the most simple and plain flavors, sometimes it is nice to get out of a rut and try some new flavor combinations. Chobani is inviting people to “flip out and find my flavor soulmate” in celebration of Chobani Flips, so I immediately jumped at the chance.

Before I jump right into the fun flowchart, I want to share a little bit about Chobani and why I love their yogurt.

All Natural Ingredients

After having a baby, I have become more aware of what I put in my body and tend to reach for whole or natural ingredients. Chobani is made using only natural (no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives), non-GMO ingredients. To ensure their products are non-GMO, they require their suppliers to certify that every ingredient is not genetically modified.

rBST Free

According to the Founder and CEO of Chobani, “The humane treatment of animals is an ethical and moral imperative.” Since animal welfare is a core value to Chobani, they use milk from cows not treated with rBST (a hormone used to increase milk production) to practice safe and humane treatment of animals.

They Give to Charity

Ten percent of all profits go to charity through the Chobani Foundation. They believe everyone deserves natural and nutritious food so they strive to make food more accessible to youth and underserved communities. Additionally, they support entrepreneurs and small businesses. Ultimately, transforming the community is Chobani’s goal.

Additional Tidbits

As if the above reasons aren’t enough to love Chobani, there are a few more bonus reasons.

  • Live and active cultures are included
  • Multiple types of probiotics
  • Less than 5% lactose

Feel free to visit their Beliefs page to learn more about their history and their products.

Flip Out and Find Your Flavor Soulmate

Now, for the fun! Below you will find a flowchart that you can use to find your perfect flavor soulmate. Start by choosing one of “guilty pleasures” listed and then simply follow the chart.


According to the chart, I am Sweet N’ Sweet. I am not surprised at all. My sweet tooth has been raging lately! Normally I go for the blueberry (the kind where the goods are on the bottom) but after reading the flavors, I could definitely go for Chocolate Haze Craze or Peanut Butter Dream. Or both. Together.

Anyways, once you have your perfect match, read your flavor card to learn a little bit more about your results.

Chobani_myflavor_card_sweetnsalty_v03 Chobani_myflavor_card_sweetnspicy_v03 Chobani_myflavor_card_sweet_v03

According to my flavor card, my smile brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “sweet tooth.” It will once my teeth are covered in the chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness! Feel free to join in the fun and share what your flavor soulmate is in the comments.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

By the way, I was not compensated for this post. I truly love Chobani and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

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