Catching Up and My Trip to Austin

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! I apologize about my absence but I got extremely sick (stomach flu + pneumonia = super sick). My husband got sick too (I think I gave it to him) and we were both down for the count until Thursday and ended up having to miss the Disturbed concert. It was probably one of the hardest things ever to sell those tickets but we didn’t end up losing any money and we absolutely were too sick to go. Oh well, maybe next time.

I spent my first Mother’s Day weekend recovering and spending time with family before having to go out of town for work. I had a super early flight and had to be at the airport around 4am.

Sunset from plane

I arrived in Austin, Texas around 10am and made it to the hotel in time to pump before grabbing lunch and heading to my first meeting. (Side Note –> Being away for three full days without my little girl meant I had to pump several times a day to keep my supply. I am planning on doing a whole post about that so stay tuned.)

The hotel was extremely nice and was located right in the middle of downtown Austin. I had never seen this before but there was a place to insert your room key in the elevator before you could use it!


My room was really nice and included a refrigerator and microwave. I had no idea we had a microwave and I wish I had known because I could have brought oatmeal for breakfast.



The first night I was so tired from traveling all day and then attending meetings that by the time I ate dinner (at 9pm) I forgot to snap a picture. After dinner a few of us decided to go to this awesome place called Voodoo Doughnuts. Even though it was late I knew I might not have another opportunity to go and it is apparently famous so I didn’t want to pass it up. I got a chocolate covered, creme filled, glazed doughnut and the people I went with got some fancy caramel and cookie covered ones with creme and who knows what else. I definitely got a picture of that deliciousness!

Voodoo Donuts

I ended up getting back to the hotel pretty late and crashed hard before having an early morning meeting.

The next day was filled with work stuff during the morning but later that afternoon I got some free ice cream! They had a cooler full of choices but I couldn’t resist the one called “Fat Boy.” With a name like that, it had to be good.

FAT Boy Ice Cream

That night, my roommate and I headed out to find a steakhouse for a Texas steak. We didn’t have much luck to begin with because many places required formal attire or were way out of our price range. Eventually we stumbled upon a place called Old School Bar and Grill. We started with some spinach and artichoke dip. The below picture was after we had already dug in.


I really wanted a steak but I can never turn down a good burger, so I compromised and ordered a steak burger called the Two Thep. It was two patties with cheese, a fried egg, sriracha and jalapenos. I am a wuss so I got mine with just cheese and the fried egg. Words cannot do this burger justice so I will let my pictures do the talking.

Two Thep


Nothing really happened my last day that was exciting. Just meetings again until I headed to the airport in the early afternoon. I had time to grab a quick dinner at the airport before boarding my flight to come home. I told you I can never turn down a good burger. Those little brown beauties you see are corn nuggets. If you haven’t had these before, you need to. Yum!


My flight landed around 11pm and my husband picked me up with the baby. I can’t believe I was away from her for 3 days! It is so good to be home and back into a a regular routine.

Have a great Monday!

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