Restaurant Week

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend that didn’t pass too quickly. Ours was pretty busy even though we didn’t have anything planned specifically. I just wanted to pop in with a quick recap before getting started on the work week.


So we have been determined to do something “fun” on a weekend for a while now, but things always come up and we end up being too tired to really find something to do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big. Just something other than meal planning, going to the store and doing laundry, ya know. Well, this weekend we finally decided to plan our errands around what we really wanted to do. My husband had heard on the news that it was Restaurant Week starting Friday and going through next Sunday. Obviously it would take too much time and money to go every day, so we decided to pick one restaurant that neither of us had been to before and go there for lunch. After spending a few (ok, more like 30) minutes to go through the $10 lunch options, we finally decided on Rojo which has both Latin and American food.

When we arrived we were lucky enough to get a parking spot right in front. We also somehow beat the crowd even though we got there a little later than expected. The atmosphere was very laid back which was a relief having an 8 month old with us. You can choose to eat inside or outside and since they have a patio in the shade with overhead fans, we chose outside and the weather was perfect!

The $10 lunch meal was a pretty sweet deal. Each person got to choose three different salsas (they said they were sample size but I wasn’t able to finish them all), and one of three entrees.

For our trio sampler we chose the Tomatillo salsa, Pineapple salsa, Guacamole, Bandito salsa, and two Queso dips because we love queso.

Restaurant Week1

I chose the tomato and basil quesadilla with Parmesan and Monterey Jack cheese.

Restaurant Week4

My husband chose the basil chicken salad-house salad that had a huge scoop of chicken salad on top.

Restaurant Week3

We both left feeling full and like we took advantage of a major deal. Win win!

The rest of our Saturday was spent grocery shopping and making a few returns I have been putting off for way too long.


Our Sunday started off pretty relaxed as we all took our time getting up and then heading over to visit my family. After a short visit and way too much food, we headed out on a mission to find a play mat for the nursery. We have looked everywhere and nobody seems to have them. Finally, we found one today at Walmart of all places. 

The rest of our Sunday was spent watching the Olympics.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Hope everyone has a great Monday.


What is one exciting thing you did this weekend?

Who else is watching the Olympics?

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Weights Workout and Meal Prep

Happy May! I can’t believe it’s already summer. This weekend flew by and was filled with cleaning, preparing for a busy week and meal prepping. We have a lot of stuff coming up this week like an interview luncheon, teacher appreciation week at daycare,  a Disturbed concert (yay!) and Mother’s Day. Although I am still in the thick of cleaning I wanted to stop in to share a few things about our weekend.


After work on Friday, my husband decided to go pick up little girl from daycare and head home to let the dog out so that I could enjoy a full workout before he came to pick me up. This was a huge deal for me because lately I have been super busy and haven’t had any time to myself. I also feel more energized and happier after having a quality workout. In an effort to utilize the equipment the gym has to offer that I don’t readily have available at home, I combined a few different exercises that use weights to create a full body weights workout. I completed the below workout and woke up Saturday feeling sore. I would call that a win!

Weights Workout

I am not a personal trainer so please consult your doctor before starting a new workout regimen. This is simply what I did and I wanted to share. Please honor your body and take breaks as needed. The links to each exercise are below.

Assisted pull ups

Wide grip lat pull downs

Tricep pulldown

Tricep (straight arm) push down


Squat to Overhead Press

Barbell Lunges

Weighted Glute Bridge

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls


After spending the morning cleaning up around the house, we headed out in the late morning for my husband to get a haircut. By the time he was finished we were both starving. We decided to go to Panera since it is a healthier option and it is close to the grocery store.


I chose the flatbread yet again (old picture) but this time I wanted to try the mac n cheese. I am a huge cheese fan and I could eat my weight in macaroni and cheese under normal circumstances. However, I have been almost completely dairy free for over three months now due to breastfeeding a reflux baby so my body is not used to handling it like it was. I made it through about half of the dish before throwing in the towel and giving the rest to the hubby to finish.

If you have never had Panera’s mac n cheese, the best way I can describe it is to say that it is intense. It is very creamy and less cheesy. It was delicious but both myself and the little one paid for my decision to eat half of it.

After lunch, we headed to the store for our weekly grocery shopping but we also picked up something special. A few weeks ago we spent a good three hours creating a photo book to give to our families and to have for ourselves. It was finally time to go pick them up and see how they turned out. I am by no means creative so it was a challenge for me to put something like this together. I have to say though, I am very proud of how they turned out. I will share the details after I have given them to the family.

The rest of our Saturday was filled with odds and ends around the house followed by watching an episode of the Walking Dead before heading to bed early.


Our Sunday was pretty uneventful other than meal prepping. On the menu for this week is:

Monday: Julie’s shrimp recipe from her Mimi with cheese grits

Tuesday: Sun dried tomato, basil and mushroom pasta with chicken

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Chicken Marsala

Friday: Leftovers

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great Monday!

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Game Night and Fifty Cookies

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours had a healthy mix of fun and relaxation!

We started our weekend fun on Friday night. After leaving work I chose to forego my usual Friday night yoga class so that we could continue our yearly tradition of attending the local Lebanese food festival. My husband and I had our first date a long time ago at a Greek festival. Neither one of us had any money back then (we were 15 at the time) and we had no idea how much Greek food cost. We ended up sharing a plate of Lamb and having a blast enjoying the music and the atmosphere. Ever since then, we have made it a mission to attend every food festival we can together, within reason of course. Last year we both had the opportunity to leave work for a lunch date. This year, things didn’t work out that way, but we were still able to pick up our favorite meals before heading to daycare and then home. Fun fact –> last time we were at this festival, I was pregnant!


We both opted for the meat pie plate this year because they are only available at this festival and the other options are available at other food festivals. Each plate included two meat pies, loobia (the green beans), rice and pita bread.


We also decided to get an order of grape leaves to share. These have a surprising amount of flavor and I always find myself wishing we had more.

Even though we didn’t get to enjoy the fun of the high-energy atmosphere, we did get to have a laid back and delicious dinner as a family of four, which was much needed after a long and busy week. The perfect way to start our weekend!


After a rough night (baby girl woke up every two hours to nurse) we spent the morning lounging around the house before setting out for a few errands. As soon as we arrived home, I went to work in the kitchen making a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies in preparation for a game night with friends on Sunday.

Goods in the bowl

My family has always been the kind to make enough food so that everyone can have thirds. Following family tradition, I made about 50 cookies.

A few of them didn’t make it to the container…my bad. They were delicious though. I think 45 cookies is more than enough for everyone!


After polishing off some of the above deliciousness, we had dinner. Ever since I moved out of my parents house I have used the excuse of being an adult to eat my dessert before my actual dinner. 


A few weeks back, we decided to buy an activity gym/bouncer for our little girl after hearing that she loved the one at daycare. It arrived in the mail the other day and I hadn’t gotten around to putting it together. I figured it was finally time to do it.


Unfortunately, she is still a little too small to use it so it will just be chillin’ in her room until she is big enough. 

After lunch we headed out to a friends house for game night. They had roast beef sandwiches and a few other finger foods to pair with the cookies I brought. 


After everyone had a chance to finish eating, we started playing Family Challenge.


I had never heard of it before but it turned out to be pretty fun. It is adaptable to both children and adults so we just chose the harder challenges on each card. 

We left around 6:15 because the little one was getting tired and fussy and we had a few things to do at home before going to bed. 

Have a great day!


How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?

What are some of your favorite board games?

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Demetri’s and Donuts

This weekend was the first weekend we haven’t had any real plans since baby girl was born. It was amazing! We tried to take full advantage of not having any big plans but there were still a few errands that needed to happen this weekend.


We slept in as long as we could before the baby and dog decided it was time to get up (around 7). After breakfast we set out for our first errand of the day. One of my best friends is getting married soon and I needed to go get fitted for the bridesmaid dress. She is using a very charming local boutique that is surrounded by local restaurants and unique stores. I had heard from another friend that there was a delicious meat and three right across the street from the place I was being fitted so we had planned to go there. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were closed! Literally the only day they are closed. Since both of us were starving we had to change plans and quickly find somewhere else to eat. To stick with the theme of eating somewhere new, we decided to try a popular BBQ restaurant called Demetri’s. I opted for a classic pulled pork sandwich with mac n’ cheese. Nothing like comfort food every once in a while!


After lunch we made a quick trip to Costco for the essentials before taking the scenic route home just so we could make a special stop. I’m not ashamed to admit that we planned our trip around being able to stop and get donuts.


When I was little, my mom would take us to a local bakery and few times a month to get donuts for breakfast. I always got the donut holes. Once we moved away, I was never able to find a place that sold them and had just written it off as one of those childhood things that doesn’t exist anymore. Speaking of, if you haven’t seen THIS article, you should check it out (R.I.P Cheez Balls and welcome back chicken fries!). Anyway, after years of no donut holes and accepting Krispy Kreme as my only option, I was finally introduced to Shipley Donuts.


Not only do they have amazing donuts of all varieties, but they have donut holes! Every time we go there I have to get a bag of the little balls of sugary dough that remind me of my childhood.


Reunited and it feels so good!

When we arrived home, we did some chores around the house before settling in to watch an episode of Daredevil on Netflix. If you like superhero movies/shows at all, check this series out. It is a good one!


This Sunday was a big day for us. It was our first time carrying baby girl to church. From the second we stepped through the doors, everyone was oohing and ahhing over her. She was definitely not starved for attention, that’s for sure. I was a little nervous about what would happen in the hour and half we were there because sometimes just sitting in momma’s lap leaves her a little antsy and she becomes loud and wiggly. Not noisy in a bad way, just babbling and blowing bubbles. I was also nervous that she would get hungry towards the end and I wasn’t wearing the most breastfeeding-friendly dress. As it turns out, she fell asleep during the opening songs and stayed asleep the entire time! We were even able to stop and grab lunch on the way home. I would call that a success!

I am currently writing this post Sunday afternoon while watching my little angel sleep next to me. I don’t know what the rest of the day holds but I do know I plan on getting in as much rest as possible before dinner. Also, we will be catching up on the Walking Dead before the season finale!

Enjoy your Monday!


Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Anyone watching a show on Netflix they would recommend?

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Family Time and Fun Day

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend and that it didn’t pass too quickly. Lately time has been flying by for me. Our weekend was once again filled with family and a little relaxation.

Friday after work I was able to attend yoga with one of my favorites teachers. Her flow is always challenging and the hour session seems to pass by so fast. I always feel like I had a great workout and yet feel completely relaxed at the same time. Since I didn’t get home until around 7, our night was spent eating dinner and then hitting the hay early. We were both exhausted after a long week.

Saturday we slept in a bit before getting ready and heading over to visit my mom and grandparents. We spent a few hours there just hanging out. Well, I was hanging out, my hubby was sleeping. When we finally left, neither one of us had the energy to cook dinner so we decided to pick up some comfort food from Cracker Barrel. I had the grilled chicken with mac n’ cheese, fried okra and a sweet potato. I didn’t think to snap a picture because I was so hungry.

When we got home, we realized that it was FUNDAY on Freeform (formally ABC Family)! I always enjoy FUNDAY because it brings back so many childhood memories. Although we both had a lot to get done, we had the TV on in the background. A Bug’s Life was on first but it was already a third of the way in so we ate an early dinner and played with baby girl for a while until it went off.


I just love that line!

When that went off, one of my absolute favorite childhood movies followed. The Jungle Book! I was curious who played the voice of the little elephant so I turned to Google and saw that the movie originally came out in 1967! How is it so old? I feel like it came out when I was little but clearly it did not. We put Little T in her fun chair and she thoroughly enjoyed watching the colors and hearing the music from the movie. She really liked the elephants, just like momma Smile 🙂


Once that went off we put the baby to bed and Ratatouille came on. That movie makes me so hungry for Italian food!

Since I am currently writing this post during this movie I can only tell you what the plan is for the rest of the night. We will probably watch an episode of X-files before streaming last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. We have been one week behind this season because we thought it would be too hard to watch on TV with the baby and the dog. Now we wait until the baby and the dog are both asleep before cuddling up and watching it.

I don’t know what our Sunday holds but I am betting it involves church followed by finding some water-proof bed sheets. We had a bit of a pee pee accident Friday night during a midnight diaper change and barely made it out with a dry mattress. I think we have been very fortunate to have not had an incident thus far and I don’t want to push it!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


What are some of your favorite childhood movies?

What is your go-to meal when you don’t feel like cooking?

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