Increasing The Cost Of Childcare Is Not Cool

Today I am going in a little bit of a different direction. Typically, I choose to talk/write about lighthearted, fun topics like weird conversations and my dog. However, today will be more of a rant.

I know reading about someone complain isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so feel free to skip this post if you choose. I promise I won’t be offended.


Recently we were informed by our childcare provider that they will be increasing their rates immediately. I don’t mean “hey, we are going to be raising our rates at some point in the next few months.” I mean they told us one week before doing it. Not cool. Most of the people that use this particular provider make much more money than we do so it most likely doesn’t affect them. My husband and I are both students and we spent months and months visiting place after place and comparing prices to find that perfect fit for our needs and budget.Now, this is a great place to leave our little one and she really seems to love it. Not to mention, they have been taking excellent care of her.

Before the baby, we had been saving up and were doing quite well. Even with the cost of childcare, we aren’t living paycheck to paycheck. That isn’t the point though. The fact is that we chose this provider (with an already high cost) with the thought that the cost was set for a while. Or at least that they would notify us in a timely manner of an increase.

To make matters worse, they told us that the increase was so that the (previously additional) cost of extra curricular activities such as swimming and art would now be included. Great! Except that those activities are only offered to the older kids. So, we are paying for the older kids to do these activities even though all you do is watch my child. I say that because we have to provide her food, her milk, her diapers and wipes and all they provide is the supervision and toys.


I don’t want to sound like I have anything against this place because I absolutely love it. Otherwise there would be no point in being upset. I would just move.

Here is the kicker. Even if we chose to go to another provider, in order to get our deposit back (not a small sum) we are required to notify them at least one month in advance. Not to mention that every other provider worth switching to has a waiting list of about one year (yes you should have childcare worked out even before getting pregnant!). So basically we were forced to accept this change.

I think they should have done things differently. For example, maybe only increase the price for those children who can partake in the extra activities. Or, even better, grandfather those of us who have been using this facility in so that our cost stays the same and the increase only applies to new children. That way, our budgets aren’t affected and we aren’t forced into an awful choice between quality childcare and money to live on.

I’m sure this thing happens all of the time and it isn’t fair. But life’s not fair and I know that. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out the frustration and maybe have someone else agree with you so you don’t feel like a crazy person.

Ok, I’m done fussing about things I can’t change. Feel free to chime in if you have experienced similar situations. I will be glad to back you up!

Here is a picture of puppy Sirus for your troubles.

sirus pup


Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Have a great day!

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