Happy Birthday, Sirus!

Last week we celebrated Sirus’ first birthday. One year ago we drove 2 hours in the rain to go pick him up and bring him to his forever home. He was so tiny and full of energy. He rode in my husband’s lap all the way home. Not much has changed since then, except he is 6 times bigger!!

Sirus Comparison

He quickly made himself part of our family and I’m pretty sure he is too smart for his own good. He loves to communicate with us in low groans and growls. His personality takes up the entire room.

Over the past year we have learned a lot about each other. I have never met another dog like him. I wanted to mention just a few things that make him unique.

-He will eat anything and everything. I know most people will say their dog does that too but seriously, Sirus has eaten a sock, thrown it up and eaten it again several times. Once again, I know many dogs would do this. But, he is so crazy that when I gave him hydrogen peroxide to make him vomit, he guzzled it down and licked the floor where it hit. Umm, I’m pretty sure that is messed up.

-He has a weird obsession with paper towels and bottle caps. He will steal them and run to his bed or his house and hold them hostage until he can swallow them whole.

-He absolutely loves getting his booty scratched.

-He likes to watch TV depending on what is on. I’m still trying to figure out what he likes to watch. It seems odd because sometimes I can see why he likes it (Eight Below) and other times I just have no idea (YouTube video of a kid singing horribly).


-He loves to play chase with my husband. He is so smart that he learns certain tricks that my husband uses to get away from him, then anticipates and copies them immediately after.

-He is afraid to jump into the car even though he is tall enough it wouldn’t even need to be a jump.

-Every squeaky toy we have ever given him has been destroyed so that he can play with the squeaker. Actually, there is one that has made it this far and it is a Kong. 

-He lets us wipe his feet when he comes in from outside if it has been raining.

-His favorite thing in the world is whipped cream.

-My favorite thing he has done so far was on Christmas. He knew which stocking was his and he had no trouble shoving his head into it to pull out his new toys one by one.


We knew we wanted to celebrate his birthday and start a tradition so that our little girl could participate when she gets older. After reading Julie’s blog for years and seeing how they celebrate Sadie’s birthday, we decided to do the same type of thing.

To explain, we chose two foods that we thought Sirus would enjoy. We chose an Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich and a Whopper Junior from Burger King. Not the most healthy of foods, I know. Anyway, we let him sniff both options two times before laying them on the ground about 10 feet away from him. Then we let him run to the one he wanted and he got to eat the entire thing. The winner gets to return next year at his birthday and go up against another food. The winner…


Whopper Junior all the way. He didn’t even act interested in the roast beef. We were pretty sure which one he would choose but it was still fun to watch. I’m sure he has no idea why we gave him “people food” and doesn’t care. I do know he is counting down the days until we give him more. Sorry buddy, you have to wait one whole year.

Happy one year, bud! I know there will be many more.

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